Located in Old Bridge, Punjabi Popcorn is the first company to offer an innovative concept of combining an iconic American snack and various exotic spices to offer your taste buds amazing new flavor combinations.  

Photos by 5ABI LLC

Punjabi Popcorn first started in March 2012.  The concept of Punjabi Popcorn began when Deepak was a young lad.  Just as most people, he loved popcorn and the various flavors of cheese and caramel.  One day, while sitting at home, he and his sister were watching a movie and wanted this iconic snack.  He used some boxed spice his mother had and put in on the popcorn and the concept of Punjabi Popcorn was born.  Although the idea was dormant for a long while, it wasn't until the birth of his son did Deepak decide to follow his dream of creating new flavors that would change the perception of popcorn.  

The company was created in 2012 as a side business but as luck would have it, he was laid off from his job after a year of opening the business.  This was the motivation he had been looking for and he decided to pursue his dream full time in 2013.  This is when the logos were created, flavor combinations, the debut at a major food show and history as he knew it.  Since then, Punjabi Popcorn has gotten tremendous press and notoriety from the food industry.  They were even on National TV as the "World's Greatest" popcorn company.  Punjabi Popcorn encourages you try some of their gourmet flavors and open your mind to something new.  You will surely not be disappointed!

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Punjabi Popcorn - PO BOX 299 - OLD BRIDGE, NJ 08857 - 732-908-3908 - info@punjabipopcorn.com
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