Our simplified dry add process takes out the guess work from making all flavors. Just pop the corn and use our pre-measured guidelines to flavor the popcorn! Serve the popcorn immediately, or store it in the display cabinet when making bulk amounts!



Theaters can use their large popcorn machines to wet pop their popcorn in their brands oil of choice. Once popped, it is not necessary to immediately get freshly popped corn to flavor. Our spices are ground fine enough to coat even cold popcorn and still get an incredible cover of flavor on each kernel.

Once the popcorn is ordered, there are pre-measured containers that will be filled with the popcorn and then transferred to the seasoning drums.


Once the popcorn is in the seasoning drum, turn it on, place the pre-measured amount of spice on the kernels as they spin. Within minutes, the flavors are permeated through and have coated the kernels. Turn off the machine, dump the popcorn into the appropriate resting bin and just serve it up!

It REALLY is that simple!