Just as the many great things such as potato chips, chocolate chip cookies made with Nestle and  life saving Penicillin, were all invented by mistake.  The concept of Punjabi Popcorn was no different.  During a quiet night at home, I was getting ready to watch a movie and went to make my favorite snack, popcorn.  Once popped, I wanted a savory flavor that plain old salted butter could not satisfy.   I reached up in the cabinet where my mother kept all the spices and added some pre-made spice blend to my bowl, gave it a quick toss and went to watch my movie.  Half way through, my family had gathered to watch and…well, snack too.  I had to make another batch of my popcorn because it was so different and flavorful that we all wanted more.  From that point, any movie watched at home and anytime popcorn was made to snack on, I was called to make it. 

Fast forward some years and as fate would have it, I was laid off from my job.  One day after the layoff, I made some spiced popcorn and put a movie on.  As I held my son in my arms, I enjoyed the flavor of the popcorn and thought maybe I could make a different flavor.  And then, just like that, I had an epiphany.  I NEEDED to bring these types of flavors to the forefront and let other experience the new level of snacking.  I began researching to see if others felt bored with the lack of flavors as much as I had.  This research steered me in the direction of snack manufacturing, flavor research, spice research and more. I wanted to create different flavors, sourced ingredients, roasted and ground my own spices, networked and researched everything just so I could put forth something I was proud of. 

The name “Punjabi Popcorn” was born because I felt the need to pay homage to my roots for the flavors I experienced as I grew up.  Punjab is a Northern state in India that encompasses a vibrant and jovial culture full of life, simplicity and amazing flavors.   The ultimate dream for Punjabi Popcorn is to be able to share the tantalizing popcorn flavors we offer while watching your favorite movies, whether it be at home or in theaters.  We want movie goers to taste the new level of popcorn that will challenge the traditional butter and cheddar cheese flavors anywhere you go!