Located in Old Bridge, Punjabi Popcorn is the first company to offer an innovative concept of combining an iconic American snack and various exotic spices giving taste buds new and unique flavor combinations.  

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Since becoming a staple within the snack industry since its launch in 2012, founder and owner Deepak Kanda has taken his experimental popcorn to the next level. It was when Deepak was a young lad that he discovered the world of exotic popcorn flavors.

One afternoon while sitting at home and watching a movie with his sister, Deepak decided to pop his favorite snack, but this time to do it with a twist. He used some spices that his Mother had stored in the cupboard to mix in with the popcorn. Not only did this experiment become a hit within his family, but was the concept behind the birth of Punjabi Popcorn. Even though the idea stayed dormant for a long while, it wasn't until the birth of his son that Deepak decided to follow his dream of creating new flavors that would change the perception of popcorn.  

A year after its launch, fate had a different plan in store for Deepak. Being laid off from his job in 2013 after a year of being in business was what Deepak took as a sign to pursue his dream to the fullest.  From logo creations to flavor combinations, and a debut on national TV as the “World’s Greatest” ethnic popcorn company, Punjabi Popcorn’s journey officially began.  Since then, the company has continued to receive tremendous press and notoriety from the food industry.

Offering a variety of gourmet and exquisite flavors, Punjabi Popcorn brings an exotic taste that will leave your palettes wanting more!

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